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Timothy Price, OMG!, 2011, Acrylic on canvas
Allison Chaplin, no.7 (detail), 2010 oil on canvas, Photographer: Stuart Hay, ANU
Rondalyn Parker, Ephemeral (detail), 2010 mixed media, Photographer : Stuart Hay, ANU
Susan Banks, Untitled 1 (yellow line), 2011, Photo: Stuart Hay and Neal McCracken, ANU Photography
Tilden Eldridge Bassett, Untitled (detail), 2011, oil on canvas 130 x 180 cm
Thomas Farrell, Waiting Room 1 (detail), 2011, Photo: Stuart Hay, ANU Photography
Dorothea Kossmann, Firstborn (detail), 2011, Photo: Stuart Hay,
Cecilia Ng, Meditations #1 (detail), 2011, oil on canvas,Photo: Stuart Hay and Neal McCracken
Timothy Phillips, White Still Life (detail), 2011, Photo: Stuart Hay,
Alex Slattery, untitled (detail), 2011,Photo: Stuart Hay and Neal McCracken
Leah Bullen, Alluvius II, 2011, oil on board. Photography: Brenton McGeachie.
Tiffany Cole, Fungi 2 (detail), 2010, oil on board.
Julie Brooke, Machina Memorialis (detail), 2010.
Claudia Chaseling, Pool 2 (detail), 2010.
Tim Phillips wins Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship, (Image: Tim Phillips - Baader (detail), 2013) » read more
The Studio Endowment for Painting, Teaching/Technical Assistant Award: An opportunity for recent graduates » read more
Joel Arthur - Refraction 17 (detail), 2013
Hayley Lander - Our Vast Limits (detail), 2013 oil on board
Events and exhibitions, Tony Curran, Stay #90 (detail), 2015 » read more

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The Painting Workshop provides stimulating courses and quality facilities for students to explore painting and related media, informed by painting’s rich history. In both graduate and undergraduate programmes, our staff focus on preparing students for careers as practising professional artists. Undergraduate courses expand student's creative and technical skills and lay the foundations for the development of critical judgement. We encourage a diversity of creative thinking fostered through individual tutorials, group critiques and reviews. Painting at ANU is recognized nationally as vibrant, diverse and dynamic. Our graduates have developed successful careers nationally and internationally in the visual arts as artists, teachers, gallery professionals and in related creative fields

Ruth Waller paper painting

Teaching/Technical Assistant Award


no. 7, 2010

Two figures #1

moving on medallion pattern

Untitled with candle

Pink, grey and other

Tekke Gul Scope


Active Space 5 (Les blancs Cyclistes)




The Melt V, IV & I

The Most Important Things

Subaltern - we don’t necessarily live in the same world - Coloniser

Figure 2

Still life with pear and housefly

Still life with four shopping

Double Blind/Double Blind

Refraction 32



Untitled (detail)

Julie Delves

Strechy Ghost


Still life with pear and housefly

Still life with four shopping


Painting map

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