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The Australian National University

Printmedia and Drawing Alumni

Shellaine Godbold

Shellaine Godbold is an emerging artist based in Canberra. Her primary practice focuses on drawing as a means of understanding and recording her experiences. The works that she creates explore the very human need to make marks and to connect through touch.

Julian Laffan

Laffan’s highly collectable works utilise imagery sourced from the media, film and the internet, and are drawn onto wood and hand-carved. These are shown at times as graphic sculptures and also as prints, and each has a strong narrative element.

Jessica Herrington

My art practice explores installation, painting and sculpture using a wide range of materials including glitter, paint, plaster, polymer clay and chemical crystal growths. The working process involves an excess of raw material often to the point of objects collapsing (or re-forming) themselves under their own weight.

Heidi Lefebvre

Heidi Lefebvre completed her degree in Printmedia and Drawing with Honours and was awarded the university medal. Now based in Canberra, she lived for several years in regional NSW and learnt the value of art promoting well-being in regional communities. Through screen printing, drawing and costume making, Lefebvre's practice explores themes of...

Demelza Sherwood

Canberra-based artist Demelza Sherwood has an unerring eye for the overlooked. Her notebooks are filled with drawings of everyday moments: a line of trees in a park or a woman exercising her dog - and yet she notices details that bring these vignettes to life - the striped socks on the dog-walker, the child's balloon caught in the branches.
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Bettina Hill

Bettina Hill sees the extraordinary in everyday experiences, everyday objects and everyday materials. Her visual arts practice locates and documents aesthetic qualities of utilitarian objects and natural phenomena in her printmaking, photographic and sculptural works.  There is potential for beauty and the fantastic in such ordinaria as a...

Bernie Slater

Bernie Slater is a Canberra based artist whose artwork focuses on political and social issues. Slater works broadly across many areas, including drawing, printmaking, photography, digital media and the manipulation of found and new objects.  Much of his work features defaced surfaces such as magazine pages, advertising and objects to address...

Ben Forster

Benjamin Forster is interested in exploring drawing, both as a physical act and as a cognitive process. This interest has manifested itself in his recent Drawing Machine, a reduction of his own understanding of drawing into a computer program that can draw. This project was included in Hatched 09: The National Graduate Exhibition at the Perth...

Antonia Aitken

Antonia's current practice uses printmaking and drawing processes, particularly etching, woodblock printing and book making. Recently having worked on site in Namadgi National Park, Lake Mungo National Park and Hill End, Antonia is interested in places of cultural, historical and spiritual importance for both aboriginal and non-aboriginal...

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