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The Australian National University

Tim Brook

Position: Visiting Fellow


Personal website:


PhD (ANU), Grad DipEd (UC), MSc (Sussex), BSc (Sussex)


Tim Brook is an audio-visual artist, teacher, curator and writer. He describes himself as a ‘lapsed mathematician’ and is Visiting Fellow at the School of Art (Photography and Media Arts).

Tim makes slide-tape works. For one piece, he worked with a Reggae band; for another, he worked with a Nigerian Rastafarian and four drummers. Usually he works alone or in collaboration with the composer Arne Hanna or with the visual artist Ruth Hingston. He’s been making audio-visual works for twenty years, collaborating with composers, performers, theatrical directors and visual artists. Tim enjoys the excitement and the risks of collaboration. He appreciates the depth and richness that collaboration can bring to a work—‘there’s always something unexpected’—but he also admits to ‘one or two disasters’.

Tim combines his photographs with recorded sound and commissioned music. He projects slides onto surfaces, blending the slides one after another to produce a sequence of slowly changing images. He describes a slide-tape work as ‘an invitation to make connections’—an audience is invited to observe not things but relationships between things. Meaning appears in the space between the images.

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