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The Australian National University

Jen Mallinson

After the rain

visited in 2013

Workshop: Sculpture

During an artist’s residency in Broken Hill in 2009, I became fascinated with the remains of man-made objects and structures left behind in the outback.  It was these remnants that inspired me to begin working with Corten steel, the material I found that best reflected the raw physicality of these objects.

With my first series of Corten sculptures, a major design decision was made to have them all standing on their points as a response to the impact the pioneers had on the massive landscape of the outback. They lightly touched the surface leaving few traces. The triangular forms and spirals were more of a notion of their existence.  This element of the sculptures pivoting has continued through to my latest works.

Lately my artistic influences largely derive from the coastal environment in which I live. My daily beach walks are a wonderful form of meditation and inspiration. My recent sculptures reference the fluid, organic forms of marine vegetation yet I try to avoid description or narrative in the interpretation. It is simply the conventional, sculptural language that is suggested in their structure.

I work intuitively, so each piece evolves throughout the construction process. Often I start with a fixed idea of the final structure, then change it part way through as the creative process continues. It has to feel right!
I love working with steel and I especially enjoy rolling it.

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