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The Australian National University

Lucy Irvine

The Drift, 46 x 102 x133cm, nylon cord and cable ties

Country: Scotland

visited in 2014

Workshop: Textiles

Lucy Irvine is a Scottish sculptor based in Australia since 2003, who interconnects craft and art genres. Since 2010, Irvine has orientated her practice toward a textile-based discourse, creating organic forms through the weaving of industrially produced, utilitarian materials. Irvine’s practice explores the articulation of memory and experience of landscape through different forms of knowledge, there is a way finding through weaving. Irvine describes, “this way-finding led to a series of work that sought to visualise a landscape of knowledge as much as a knowledge of landscape”. There is an exploration through the weaving process, each stitch is a considered response to the form as a whole. As each element accumulates they result in a complex tessellating pattern that explores the tensions between order and chaos.

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