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The Australian National University

Nicole Gugliotti

Suggestion of Place. Detail. Ceramic, monofilament, wood, glaze, light. 36 in. x 36 in. x 120 in. area installed. 2013

Country: USA

visited in 2013

Workshop: Ceramics

I believe that instances of wonder are often departure points for thought and discovery.

In contemporary society virtually all things have been discovered, explained and documented.  Consequently, it is rare to encounter something that erupts, delightfully, from the fabric of the everyday.  Yet in these rare instances, a release occurs.  We are free, if only for a moment, from recognition and explanation.  In an instant anything is possible and the banal rules of life no longer seem to apply.

Borrowing freely from scientific and naturalistic imagery I construct abstracted worlds, operating on their own fictional systems.  I utilize the elemental properties of materials such as porcelain, luster, metal and pigment-rich flocking to create these worlds.  Hand-formed components, both large and small, are placed together in intricate compositions.

In my work I strive to create opportunities for the viewer to experience these small eruptions within which the potential for anything exists.


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